About the Artist

Spy Emerson is a conceptual artist working with humor in a variety of mediums to prompt conversations about human rights.

Best known nationally and internationally for the Hook-Up Truck, a box truck containing a mobile meeting room promoting safe sexual adventuring, and literally holding space for sexual freedoms. The Hook-Up Truck was an internet sensation in 2014 creating a global conversation about the pros and cons of the service, and in turn, revealing attitudes about sex itself.

Her career began as a performance artist in the nightclubs of NYC 1992. Creating elaborate costumes and characters for The Limelight set the ground for her art practice to grow. She moved to Oakland California in 1995 and immediately engaged with Burningman and remained a contributing artist for 21 years. She regularly exhibits and travels around the world, artistically collaborating and exhibiting from Prague to Tasmania to Berlin, most notably crashing the 2009 Venice Biennale with SWOON and winning the favor of the crowds.

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